Do you need any help with gas in your property?

Almost every building in the UK will have some kind of gas system. It could be a mains connection to supply your boiler, a fire, or a cooker. Some systems will be relatively simple, whereas others can be complex. Whatever the case, they must be safe as well as efficient.

Braun Services offers all kinds of support for clients across Teesside and beyond. Our engineers have a lot of experience with gas. As a result, we can handle almost any project. This could be new installations, upgrades, repairs, or anything else.

Heating solutions

One thing we can do is install and repair gas boilers. They are still the most common type in the UK. However, it takes care and skill to work with them. Luckily, our team has experience and knows what to do.

We can also help with other heating solutions, including gas fires and pipes. Again we use our skills and expertise to provide the best service.

There can even be situations when gas services need disconnecting or reconnecting. We can handle both for you, ensuring everything is in order.

Do you smell gas?

If you ever smell gas in your property, it is best to call an engineer. You can rely on us here. We’ll look for issues and give you our professional advice. We can then do emergency repairs if necessary.

On top of all of this, we can do comprehensive gas safety checks. It is a good idea to get them periodically. Landlords have an obligation to do this for all tenants. We are happy to help.

Get a service today

You can trust Braun Services if you need any help with gas. Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect service for you. We can even offer quotes if you need an idea of the costs.