Regular maintenance is vital for all kinds of heating and plumbing systems.

Do you want to ensure your heating and plumbing is working efficiently? Do you want to confirm there are no leaks or other issues lurking? If so, you need to invest in professional services to maintain everything.

A surprising number of homeowners don't get regular servicing or maintenance. Sadly, it means you are running the risk of big problems as well as even bigger bills in the future. It would be far cheaper and less disruptive to arrange for an expert to do checks and maintain the systems.

A reliable service

Braun Services has been maintaining heating and plumbing systems for years. As a result, our expert engineers can check boilers, heaters, underfloor heating, pipes, taps, and much more. We support clients all across Teesside, dealing with various kinds of properties.

What you get with us is reliable services every time. We know what to look for in both heating and plumbing systems. This includes checking the most crucial parts such as heat exchangers.

We can do routine repairs and more complex ones. If necessary, we can even handle replacing parts and components. We'll always advise on the most cost effective option for you once we know what we are dealing with.

High quality maintenance services like ours provide the best value. They will ensure there are no dangerous faults, including things like carbon monoxide, gas, or water leaks. In addition, we make sure everything is working efficiently so you aren't wasting money on energy or water bills.

Contact us for help

So, if you want to arrange a fantastic service, whether as a one off or ongoing maintenance, get in touch with us. We'll discuss your property, the systems, and your specific needs. Then, we will be able to provide exactly what you need.