Heating Systems

If you need any kind of help with heating systems, Braun Services is the company for you.

We can take on any job, such as large new installations in commercial properties as well as smaller domestic works. We are always reliable and deliver an excellent standard of workmanship.

What kind of system do you need?

One of the best things in the UK is you can choose different types of heating to suit your needs. You may want to go for traditional options like natural gas. Alternatively, you may want electric or newer renewables like solar thermal and air source heat pumps. There is plenty of choice so you can find the right system for you.

We are happy to help here and have experience with various types of technology. This can include combi boilers, unvented hot water systems, underfloor heating, and much more.

A huge selection of services

As we said above, we can take on any kind of job. It could be installing systems in a new build property. In addition, we can upgrade an old, dangerous or inefficient system in an existing building.

Energy efficiency is very important, both for the environment and your energy bills. So, it could be a good idea to speak to us to see if we could improve your heating system. This could even include a power flush to get rid of any sludge and debris.

We are also the reliable choice if you need fast, emergency repairs. For example, you can rely on us to find and repair leaks. We even offer safety checks if you ever need them.

Learn more today

You can contact us whenever you need any help with heating systems. We can recommend a service for you and happily provide quotes for any job. Choose to work with us and benefit from over 20 years of experience serving Teesside.

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